Coronation Power & Gas ltd is into providing Consistent Power by putting cogeneration Power Plant.

Huge response from Industries in Otta Area has encouraged planning for expansion to 20 MW Capacity.

The Plant is state of art and would significantly reduce the emission of Green house gas to atmosphere , contributing to efforts towards combating global warming. Coronation Power & Gas is undertaking this project under Clean Development Mechanism under Kyoto protocol..

Nigeria has vast resources of natural gas , however due to lack of Gas Distribution piping considerable amount of Gas is flared.

Coronation Power & Gas is putting up a facility to compress the Natural Gas and transport it to different locations where natural gas is not available.

The compressed Natural gas (CNG) can then be used for Power /steam generations.

Coronation Power & gas is also working towards conversion of domestic vehicles to CNG by establishing CNG filling stations at multi locations.

We believe the project shall contribute to Nigerian Goal of Reducing Gas Flaring in Broad way. The Captive CNG will also help Nigerian Government in Generation of extra revenue which otherwise is wasted as flared gas. The Project is under Clean development mechanism and shall reduce GHGS considerably.

  • The first 12.5 MW Power Plant is expected to start by October 2009. The ring main is being established to cater for Otta Industrial area .
  • Complete capacity of Power and steam is sold.