Power Plant

0 MW Power Plant at Sango otta is one of its kind Co-generation Plant in Nigeria . The plant is designed to absorb the diverse loadings on grid and deliver quality power consistently. The Power Generation is through Gas generators and the waste exhaust would be utilized for Steam Generation. The Overall Fuel efficiency at CP&G would be about 52% as against 34% in convention plants . The commissioning of the power plant is expected by March 2010. The Gas generators are specially designed for the purpose to accommodate harmonics in the grid. The power plant is In compliance with all Environmental requirements and Power House Safety.Read More »

Smart Grid or Power Distribution

CP & G is establishing ,A 20 MW Smart Grid ring main around Sango Otta Industrial Area. The Smart grid shall facilitate the customers to buy and sell power through the Grid. The Grid ring main is designed for delivery of consistently reliable power without Voltage or frequency fluctuations and evacuation. Coronation Power Smart grid shall be the first in continent.